Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mountain bike crashes

It's been a long time since I did a blog entry, what with one thing and another. I've been so busy with stuff I just haven't had timme, but now I'm back and I promise to my loyal readership that I will be doing a 'poper' blog entry in the next few days.

My last entry, which was just a few music clips, was commented on as "a load of bollocks". Not sure of the criteria by which bollockhood was achieved, but it's an opinion, of a sort. An opinion which is a load of bollocks of course. All the music on the last entry was top notch, no matter how mainstream.

What whould you rather be attacked by? The werewolf or a polar bear? Werewolf? Yeah, me too. Hairy bad tempered bloke with admittedly pointy teeth, vs 900lb of solid muscle and massive weaponry. No contest.

To look at, the werewolf is scarier. But you could fight it. It's a bloke, for a start. Kick to the nads, good headbutt and you've broken his pointy teeth. Try that with a cuddly polar bear. It'd just open its mouth and bite yer head off.

Anyway, I'm at work now so no time for an in depth article. Intead, I'd like to show you my new bike, or one very like it.

Nice eh? It's a Norco Six SE, 2007 model. I'll tell you more about it in my next entry.

Anyway, as I'm pressed for time, here's an ace YouTube clip featuring some fantastic mountain bike crashes, to give you a taste of what I'll be doing on my new bike!

Like those? Wanna see more?

Nasty? Well yeah, you might be thinking.

But no. That's not a crash. THIS is a crash...