Tuesday, March 27, 2007

White Horses

There are those of you to whom this will mean something, and there are those of you to whom it won't.

Just click the link.



Well folks. If you liked that, and you're sitting there all misty-eyed, then this is for you too. No visuals but listen to the music...


  1. sigh...the girls in J4 used to sit at the back of the coach on the way back from swimming, singing white horses. they all knew the words and they all sang it together.

    the cool girls, i mean. not me. i was at the front of the coach on my own, looking out the window, daydreaming :S

  2. Little did those "cool" girls know that soon enough, you would out-cool them all!

  3. ...i don't feel very cool atm. i hope one night at the bookers will make up for all these years sat in the corner of my kitchen wading through fucking printoffs, even if my own writing does me laugh. who the fucking hell would want to be a frigging writer? LOL :)


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