Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'Klunkerz'; a film about mountain bike history, and ShAFF opening night

Well folks (if anyone's reading this), tonight is the official opening night of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF), at The Showroom Cinema. There'll be an opening ceremony to herald several days of top outdoor action films from around the world (see my last blog entry below).

The festival has actually already started, hosting a series of FREE films at the Cafe Euro on John Street (just off Bramall lane). Last night, me and Jude went to see Klunkerz there, a great film about the bizarre mix of Californian hippies and road-racers who 'invented' mountain biking, and without which we would likely not have the mountain bike as we know it today. A great movie and totally free! Clip below...

There's a film on at Cafe Euro every night this week. The cafe is just a short walk from town, not far past Decathlon, and is worth it. So if you want to be entertained for an hour or two, for the price of a coffee or a beer, go there!
The programme of films is here.


  1. If you enjoyed Klunkerz, you will
    my website. from which much of the material was drawn.

  2. Hey Charlie! I LOVED the film! I've read bits and pieces about you guys over the years, but never seen or read anything to kind of pull it all together, the people and places and events that have become mountain biking legends.
    Ive only been into mountain bikes for ten years or so but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Completely changed my quality of life, and I owe it to you guys for doing your thing back there in the California sunshine, when I was still in short pants. Thank you.
    I'll have a good look at your site later on (when the boss isn't watching!).

  3. hey charlie, that was a great film; so brilliant that wende did so much archiving at the time, as well as riding!

    brian youre gonna love charlies site its chocka full of great pics and info.

    wow, one of the repacks on your blog, brian. if your big knob hadnt already impressed the hell out of me, this certainly does :D

  4. ...check out this quote from charlies site:

    "Enhancing my own legend because it's my website"

    PMSL! someone who thinks like me! ha ha ha ha ha ha! :)


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